The Himalayas

This breathtaking country offers unique diverse landscape with Himalayan Mountains and hills in the North and flat expensive plains to the south. So if you are looking for some place for hiking or for some adventures Nepal is an ideal place for you.

1. The High peaks

Seven of the world’s highest peaks are located in Nepal. All of the peaks reach over 20,000 Feet.  This is the highest mountain range in the world. We are going to discuss the mightiest of peak that is popular throughout the world because this makes Nepal different and gives it distinction among all other countries and regions of the world.

2. Mount Everest

Mount Everest the mightiest of all peaks and king of mountains lies in Nepal with it’s full glory. In Nepal it is known by the name of Sagarmatha and in Tibet as chomolungma and in world it is known as Earth’s highest mountain.  It is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas. Its peak is 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level.

Climbing Mt. Everest is the supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve what he cannot. As a metaphor, Everest is simple and pure, man versus nature, it approaches a universal understanding of our primal desire to conquer and will eternally stand as a symbol for triumph and failure. As long as Everest and man exist, it will draw adventurers without mercy, leaving no culture nor people untouched. Those who have summited the mountain seem unable to forget it for a moment, as if the mountain has seeped into their genetic fiber. Others who attempt or merely visit Everest are often equally affected.

So if you are seeking for some ultimate challenge and you are a passionate climber, Mount Everest is most inspiring and powerful challenge to you. Because by hiking and climbing on it you can not only fulfill your appetite but also make a history. A name that will remain memorable for years to come.

3. The Annapurna Region

Now this is another great feature of Nepal. Nepal is home to the Annapurna Region which is known for having some of the world’s best trekking routes. There’s also the Lake City of Pokhara and shorter treks for people who walk for short distances. The Annapurna Region compiles the wettest, driest, and windiest places in Nepal. What makes this trek so special is that you can look up to something new in scenery every day. So this place will surely make your days and will be a source of great joy while living in Nepal.

The Annapurna Region in north western Nepal has been touted as having the world’s best trekking routes. From the lake city of Pokhara, popular treks lead to Jomsom, Annapurna Base Camp, Mustang, Manang and around the Annapurna mountain. Short treks to Sikles and Ghandruk are just as popular. The Annapurna region is an area of contrasts comprising the wettest, driest and windiest places in Nepal. The Annapurna Circuit:

It is by far the most popular and requires a minimum of about three weeks to go around the Annapurna massif. What makes this trek so special is that you can look up to something new in scenery everyday. The Annapurna Conservation Area begins at 790 m and reaches a high of 8,091 m, the summit of Mount Annapurna I, the world’s 10th tallest peak. The area encompasses forested middle mountain, high Himalaya and trans-Himalayan desert plateau similar to the landscape in Tibet as you move north. The lower elevations are dotted by Gurung, Magar, Thakali and Brahmin villages while Tibetan cultural influence becomes apparent as you go north. The trek goes counter-clockwise from Besi Sahar, off the Pokhara-Kathmandu Highway, to Naya Pool, and reaches its high point at Thorong La, a pass at 5,416 m. On the way, you pass through stunning mountain scenery – Manaslu, Langtang Himal, Annapurna II and IV, Annapurna III, and, Annapurna I and Dhaulagiri. In between these two 8,000 m peaks lies the dramatic Kali Gandaki gorge – the deepest in the world.

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